Why you should want to "Know a Native"

Why you should want to “Know a Native”

In this week’s editorial section, I would like to take the opportunity to address a couple of questions that many of my subscribers have been asking. Why did I start this publication, and what is its purpose?

In short, I love to write. I definitely don’t write enough. But I do love it. I think what I love most about it, is the freedom to say whatever I want. I can sit down and start creating ideas from thin air, or I can write about a topic that someone else came up with. It’s the freedom. The ability to create whatever I want, whenever I want and how I want. That, is what I truly enjoy about writing.

So, why did I start my own media company? Think of it as a way to share all of your ideas and opinions with as many people as possible, all at the same time. Every week I sit down and think of what I’m going to write about. Shall I write about something controversial? Something emotional? How about something full of inspiration? These are the choices that I am faced with weekly. It’s a hard choice. You know why?

Because I care.

I care deeply about my readers that invest their time and energy into reading my newsletter. I want them to get something out it. I want them to feel better, more inspired or at peace with what they read. I know reading isn’t fun for most people, it’s more of a chore than a pleasure. I want to change that. I want you to have a great time reading this while also looking forward to next week’s issue.

If I can accomplish anything close to that, I will be very happy. I know everywhere you look nowadays things seem like we’re moving further apart than ever. Everything is so divisive and toxic. Everywhere you look is propaganda and negative rhetoric.

Well, I’m here to let you know that majority of that isn’t true. The world is an amazing place full of phenomenal people, the best people on the planet to be exact. So, let’s focus on the positive, build connections and create a culture of inclusivity.

My goal Is to change the world. As corny as that may sound, I actually think having a nearly impossible goal is good thing. I want every person in this world to know a Native. Not because I think we’re better than everyone, but because I think the connection of all our planet’s people will transcend humanity into heights it hasn’t seen. (A collective consciousness if you will) So please, join me on this journey as we change the world one connection at a time.

If you don’t know, now you know, a Native.

The Devastation in Maui

Lahaina Aug 14 2023

One of the biggest stories in the world right now is the devastating fires in Maui. In the wake of the largest wildfire in its state’s history, the emergency management chief (Herman Andaya) has resigned. He had faced public scrutiny for choosing to not utilize the island’s advanced emergency alert system, which according to him “would have made residents go inland and into the fire.” Regardless if you agree or disagree with his logic, 114 lives were lost and the death toll continues to climb daily.

As if the situation was not dire enough, reports of real estate companies looking to make a land grab have just surfaced. According to long time resident Tiare Lawrence, realtors are already contacting victims of the Lahaina fires and asking them to sell their properties. I don’t need to tell you how absolutely horrible this is but i will.

The reality that over 2,000 homes were destroyed, and over 1,000 people are still missing, seems to have no effect on these vultures. It’s sickening to hear about these bad actors using a national tragedy as an opportunity to increase their beachfront portfolios. Right now the people of Lahaina need all the resources they can get to ensure their survival. They need assistance to aid their recovery in order to rebuild their lives and homes, not be displaced or relocated.

Gov. Green has posted on his official twitter for anyone wishing to give donations to please contact the Hawaii Community Foundation through the Maui Strong Fund. The foundation is accepting donations which will provide resources for disaster response and recovery. If you’d like to choose a different place to make your donations, I have provided an additional list of credible organizations, along with direct links below.


Americares has a long history of helping communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. The organization is now accepting donations in response to the Maui wildfires.

Feeding America

Feeding America is a nationwide network of food banks, food pantries, and community-based organizations in the United States, which helps to provide essential resources during a disaster. Through donations, the organization is working to help feed those affected by the Maui wildfires.

Aloha United Way

Aloha United Way, a non-profit organization based in Honolulu, has created the Maui Fire Relief Fund with donations going directly toward efforts that support victims of the fires.

The Maui Food Bank

The Maui Food Bank will use donations to help provide meals for displaced residents. The organizations says with every $1 given, they can provide 4 meals to those in the community.

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen provides meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crisis. Donations sent in will allow the organization to continue working with local partners in Maui to get much-needed meals to evacuees and emergency workers

Keenan Allen - Lumbee

Football is almost back. We’ve made it through another yearly drought of the offseason, not to mention the disastrous month of July (no NFL,NBA or NHL). Rest assured, we can feel better now, the season is upon us.

Fantasy leagues around the country are having their draft parties, new team merch is being purchased, grills are being fired up and once again a champion will be crowned. Speaking of champions, I am the defending champion in my league thanks mainly to Austin Ekeler. Mr. Ekeler is not only a pass catching touchdown machine, he also happens to be a teammate of our Kossin of the week.

As a side note if you are planning on taking Keenan Allen in your fantasy draft this year, most mock drafts have him going late in the 4th round on average. 

Keenan Allen is a tribal member of the Lumbee Tribe in North Carolina. He’s proud of his Native heritage and enjoys being a role model to the Native youth in his community. His chairman John Lowry has praised him saying that the Lumbee people are talented, he’s extremely proud of him and says that many youth in their tribe want to follow in his footsteps. Keenan being a father of three children, is no stranger to the importance of good role models being present in our kids lives.

He was the Los Angeles Chargers 76th pick in the NFL draft. He played for 3 seasons at the University of California, Berkeley. He’s also a 5 time pro bowler who is currently 713 yards shy of breaking the 10,000 yard career total. His season average is a little over 900 yards per, making it a high probability we see him enter the 10k club this year. This would be a big accomplishment for him and is absolutely something to watch for.

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