1st Annual Native Arts Festival

Progressive Tribal Alliance

1st Annual Native Arts Festival

Progressive Tribal Alliance

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This year, Sonoma County will be enhanced with the inaugural Native Art Festival, scheduled for May 11, at Windsor Town Green. The festival promises to be a new celebration of Native art, featuring traditional crafts, contemporary pieces, and performances by Native artists from across the region.

Organized by Progressive Tribal Alliance, with support from local  communities and cultural organizations, the festival aims to honor and showcase the heritage and ongoing contributions of Native artists. Attendees will experience a full day of immersive activities including live painting, weaving demonstrations, and much more.

Highlights of the festival include:

Art Exhibitions: Curated displays of traditional and modern Native American art.

Live Performances: Music, dance, and storytelling by indigenous performers.

Interactive Workshops: Hands-on sessions where festival-goers can learn arts and crafts directly from master artisans.

Art Market: A vibrant marketplace featuring authentic Native crafts for sale, including jewelry, pottery, textiles, and artwork.

 “This festival is not just an event; it’s a vibrant celebration of life, culture, and the enduring spirit of the Native people,” says Jack Pollard the festival’s organizer. “We are proud to offer a platform where the voices and visions of Native artists can shine, enriching Sonoma County’s cultural landscape and fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among all its residents.”

 The festival is family-friendly and open to everyone of all ages, aiming to attract a wide audience to appreciate and engage with Native culture.

 Join us in celebrating the inaugural Native Art Festival in Sonoma County — a day of art, education, and community!

 Below is a tentative schedule for the festival, hope to see you there.

As always, If you don’t know now you know, a Native!



DOJ sides with Native Tribe

Article via TCD

Canadian oil company Enbridge owns a pipeline that runs across Wisconsin and Michigan. After years of legal disputes about it in Wisconsin's state courts, the Department of Justice has weighed in, voicing clear support of the Native American tribe standing in opposition to Enbridge, The New York Times reported.

 What happened?

Line 5 is an oil pipeline that crosses 645 miles of Wisconsin and Michigan, including reservations, the Times revealed. It belongs to Enbridge, famous for its questionable use of police and sheriff services against pipeline protesters in Minnesota. 

Line 5 was built in 1953, according to Clean Water Action, and is wearing out, increasing the risk of highly polluting spills in an area already struggling with pollution.

The Bad River Band, an Ojibwe group whose land Line 5 crosses, wants the line shut down immediately, the Times reported.

Enbridge wants to make repairs and keep the pipeline running — potentially rerouting around the reservation, although it doesn't have permits for construction.

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Wisconsin asked the Department of Justice for an amicus brief on the situation, according to the Times. The brief, filed April 10, says Enbridge "lacks any legal right to remain" on the Native American tribe's reservation.

Why does this case matter?

The main disagreement in the case is about treaties surrounding the pipeline. Enbridge claims that a U.S.-Canada treaty from the 1970s gives it a license to operate forever unless one of the two governments says otherwise, the Times reported.

But according to the Bad River Band, the older treaties between the tribe and the U.S. — predating the pipeline and the U.S.-Canada treaty by decades — take precedence, and Enbridge has been trespassing on tribal land all along.

 "We're talking about the very essence of what tribal sovereignty is," David Gover, an attorney with the Native American Rights Fund, told the Times.

What's being done about the Line 5 situation?

The brief filed by the Justice Department sides with the Bad River Band and even says that a previous order for Enbridge to pay $5 million in restitution isn't enough to make up for the trespass or to deter companies from doing the same in the future, the Times reported. 

However, it doesn't call for the pipeline to shut down or address the treaty issue, so it doesn't go as far as Native groups were hoping.

"The courts passed the mic to the U.S., and the U.S. handed the mic right back to the courts," attorney Debbie Chizewer told the Times. Chizewer is with Earthjustice and represents the Bay Mills Indian Community in a parallel case in Michigan.

Jacoby Ellsbury - Dine’

Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury, born on September 11, 1983, in Madras, Oregon, is a former Major League Baseball outfielder known for his electrifying speed, exceptional fielding skills, and the ability to impact games in multiple ways.

 His journey to baseball stardom began in his childhood, where he developed a deep passion for the sport. Growing up in rural Oregon, he displayed early signs of his extraordinary athleticism, excelling in both baseball and basketball. His natural talent on the diamond caught the attention of scouts, leading him to attend Oregon State University, where he continued to hone his skills.

 In 2005, Ellsbury was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the first round of the MLB Draft. His ascent through the minor leagues was swift, thanks to his remarkable speed and ability to steal bases at an astonishing rate. Ellsbury made his major league debut with the Red Sox in 2007, and he immediately made an impact, showcasing a blend of power, speed, and a keen baseball IQ.

 One of his most memorable seasons came in 2011 when he earned an All-Star selection and finished as the runner-up in the American League MVP voting. He led the league in total bases and stolen bases while playing a pivotal role in the Red Sox's playoff run. His combination of hitting prowess and base-running excellence made him a fan favorite in Boston.

 In 2013, he helped guide the Red Sox to a World Series championship, showcasing his clutch performances on baseball's biggest stage. His time with the Red Sox solidified his status as one of the premier leadoff hitters and center fielders in the game.

 In 2014, he signed with the New York Yankees, continuing to make an impact as a key player in the outfield. His tenure with the Yankees was marked by moments of brilliance and durability, although he faced injury challenges in later years that limited his playing time.

 Beyond his contributions on the field, Jacoby Ellsbury has been recognized for his philanthropic efforts and community involvement. He established the "Jacoby Ellsbury Baseball Clinic" to mentor young athletes and promote the game he loves.

 While his career faced setbacks due to injuries, Ellsbury's impact on the sport and his legacy as an elite center fielder and base-stealer remain undeniable. His ability to electrify fans with his speed and make game-changing plays in the outfield has left an indelible mark on the world of baseball.

 Jacoby Ellsbury's journey from a small town in Oregon to the bright lights of Major League Baseball is a testament to the power of talent, dedication, and a relentless work ethic. He will always be remembered as a dynamic player who soared to great heights and captured the hearts of fans with his thrilling style of play.

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